Friday, September 27, 2013

hello, autumn! (and instafriday)

Well, the weather has finally started to cool down. I cannot tell you how much that thrills me! I have 3 favorite seasons in California. And summer -- not one of them. ;)

There have been some exciting changes over the past few months. We had a new grandson arrive in August. Madison is beginning to talk. And let me tell you... it's pretty cute!

David is staying WAY TOO VERY busy with maintenance these days. It seems that everything has decided to break down. (i.e.: kids' cars, faucet, water heater, etc., and etc.) Thankfully, his job is going pretty well right now and he's got a bit of work there too. But that only adds more to his plate. So thankful for a hard-working, handy man!!

Here are some pictures of our week.

This is an old pic of me and my grandpa. Miss him!

Me this week. Trying out the new front-facing iPhone camera.

Madison, my little punkin'. Adorable, sweet little face!

Cutie to-go cup with Snapple Mango Madness. Yum.

Daddy-daughter cuteness.

Mommy-daughter - Star Wars shirts!

Adorable Max. This is a low-light pic with the iPhone.

Cracker Lover. Ritz. 'Nuff said.

My buddy. Sun bathing.

My other buddy. Working hard, as usual. Our water
heater is going out. Ugh.

And a little book worm. She loves books.

And last, but not least... sleepy pic of little Gunnar. :)


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  1. Following from the linkup! Can I just say love?! Love the pic of you. It's always fun to have a front-face camera :) Love your little punkin. She is a doll! Love the cute cup. I think I need me one!! Blue lid on a mason jar? YES! Love love love the star wars shirts! too fun!!!


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