Wednesday, July 2, 2014

no motivation

hey. it's been a while. a long while.

it seems i just haven't been motivated to write anything for a while. thing is, i WANT to write. i just haven't felt anything pulling at me lately.

i saw a quote that i really like today. i think i'll share it with you.

time to
the heck
out of

i thought of some people who i wish loved their life more. but now i'm thinking i can take that thought and apply it to my life too. some of the most precious gifts we're given are our family and friends and our LIFE!

even on bad days, painful days, difficult days we can find something good. i need to be reminded of this so often. at times i seem to wallow in the bad things more than i should. but i don't have to. and i need to focus on that more.

so let me leave you with this little thought from a famous person who had a difficult end to her life:

life does
not have
to be
to be

~annette funicello


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