Monday, September 9, 2019


  1. 1. 
    complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

Hey, Y’all. Our church services the past 2 weeks have been awesome! Last Sunday, when our pastor said this phrase to us, a memory immediately flooded into my mind.

My uncle, whom we just lost, always had such an impact on my life. From the first time I met him. One of my first memories of him was him saying to me, “Fall back and I’ll catch you!” Well, if you know me, you KNOW what a cautious person I am. I’ve always been that way. Careful. At first, I wouldn’t do it… I’d say, “No… “ but he kept on… “Come on! I PROMISE I’ll catch you! I won’t let you fall!” And finally, I guess I believed it enough and finally said “…okay.” I DID IT! And he caught me! I ended up having so much fun that I’m pretty sure he was sorry he started it. I did it ALL. THE. TIME! 😂

I don’t know if it was his intent or not, but this built my trust in my uncle. Trust is an issue with me. It goes along with me being a cautious person. But you know who is one person that I never doubted in my entire LIFE? You guessed it — my uncle! He proved himself at the very beginning of our relationship. From that very young girl to the woman I am today I always knew I could trust him. And I was right.

God is just like that. And this is what He wants of us. He wants our unconditional, uninhibited trust! He wants us to fall back and let Him catch us! He wants us to trust Him with everything in our lives. That doesn’t mean that just because we believe and have faith that God will do a thing, that He automatically will. We did lose my uncle and we prayed like crazy with faith and trust for God to heal him. It didn’t cause me or my family to lose our trust in God. We realize, in our faith, that God knows best and does best.

First, He wants your trust to become your Savior. And then He wants your trust to be in your life. Always.

Photo property of: Crossroads Grace Church, Manteca, CA

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